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Office Closet Book Nook

Happy Monday everyone! I hope the weekend had treated you all well and that you’re ready for whatever this week is going to throw at you! Today’s blog will be about my latest creation, my office Book Nook.
Closet Book Nook
Supplies Needed:
1) 2×4 pieces of wood (besides really depends on the size of your closet and the height you’d like the base to be, so be sure to take measurements and then look around your house and see if you have any two by fours laying around. If not they’re super cheap at Home Depot)
2) Plywood (again measurements depend on the size of your closet but this is going to act as the bed that your pillows will sit on along with your bum)
3) Paint (if you don’t have a spare Ikea door laying around, or you want to create your very own face base, you’ll need some paint of your choice to add your own flare)
4) Drill
5) Staple Gun
6) Safety Goggles
7) Backdrop or Paint of your choice
Project Cost Breakdown:
My total project cost: $58.00
Backdrop: $52.00
Fitted sheet: $6.00
(Your cost may vary slightly depending on supplies on hand and preference of Book Nook)
On with the tutorial:
Luckily, this house was blessed with lots of closet space and the basement has three separate rooms giving us one for storage and then a lot of closets throughout the house. So, closet space is not an issue in this home. Being that is the case, I’ve decided to turn the closet in my office into a book Nook. And why not? I work primarily from home, so I would love it if the home is as comfortable and inviting as possible, especially my office where I spend most of my time.
Here is a photo of the closet before anything was done.
Image may contain: indoor
 It’s a nice size closet with lots of room and my ideas were flying out of my head! I almost started to get overwhelmed at one point because the possibilities for a closet Book Nook really are endless. It all depends on your style, what makes you comfortable and what’s important to you. For me I was looking to create a cozy little space and being that the rest of my office is somewhat steampunk / nautical I wanted to have something of an old fashioned bookcase theme. And from there, the ideas just fell into place.
First, I began by removing the Shelf sitting up top there. There was really no need for a shelf so what I did was remove it and saved the wood for another project. In fact, I was able to use this wood for this very project. More on that in a moment. So I made sure that all of the nails and hooks in any Staples (you’d be surprised what you find Staples) and made sure that the area was clear.
The next thing I did was build the base for the bed. For me, I had some two-by-fours laying around the house and so I combine those with the shelf that I just removed on the top to build a sturdy base. You want to make sure that you’re building something that’s going to be able to withstand significant weight. So make sure to add extra two by fours to support the bed. I even used the Shelf as a back brace to give even more support along with the 2×4 framework going all around the base of the closet. You can’t go wrong with having extra support.
(Supported with 2×4’s attached to plywood as bed base)
(Top view of plywood base for pillows to sit on)
I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the front face of the bed, so I actually slept on that and then the next day it hit me. I had an old closet from Ikea then I no longer needed to use for storage so, I used one of the wardrobe doors as the bass face. It was already painted and already ready to go and easily slides in and out so that you can have access to under-bed storage.
Once the base was built and sturdy, it was time to add the bedding. I had a lot of old pillows laying around that I was actually going to toss. However, the only tossing I did was to toss it in the washing machine and give them a good wash and just fill up a twin sized fitted sheet with the pillows and fluff it up. You can add as many pillows as you like depending on the level of softness and comfort you’d like. You don’t want to feel the plywood through the cushion so go ahead and add more pillows. Then I took one of the quilts that I had and folded it to fit the size of the bed so that it just looks like a really cute cot.
At this point in time I hadn’t thought about the background yet or how I was going to do it. However, I went by my mom’s house and saw she had created her very own Victorian Library themed house (where do you think I get this all from?) I marveled at the wall mural that she had there and I knew right then and there that that’s exactly what I needed for my book Nook as a backdrop. If you love this backdrop, you can check it out from the amazing eBay seller HERE
For only $52, including shipping, I was able to get a really good quality 10×14 vinyl bookcase backdrop to add and set the atmosphere for my book Nook. Check out was fast and courteous and the seller was super friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend checking out his store!
I was so excited for the backdrop to come, and mind you, it only took about three days for me to receive it, which was amazing! Once I received it I took it out of the package and started at the far left-hand corner and begin to staple the mural in place. When I came to the HVAC duct, I gently place the mural around it rather than behind it so that I can cover it up and actually, it created this adorable three dimension type of shelf so it just added more to the ambience. Don’t you just love when that happens? Continue stapling all around the top ensuring that your mural is bubble free and straight.
Once you’re done and your backdrop is complete along with the sturdy base you are ready to curl up with a good book and read until the wee hours. I added this adorable little Western wagon lamp that my mom gave me for an added glow.
It’s kind of hard to get me out of here now. But that’s exactly what I wanted. And without further ado, the result:
Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Cozy Eh?
You can create this and so much more with your closet. What do you love? What theme would you like to set? Maybe you’re into a nature theme and would like to add a nature background, or you’re in astronomy buff that would love to add the Galaxy behind you. The sky’s the limit really and the possibilities are endless. So go ahead and create what you love and love the space you create!


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    1. Thanks so much Mama!!! This is a place where I love to spend a lot of time reading. I love to just finish work, get up from my chair and walk about two feet to this cozy nook. It’s really been my little cozy sanctuary! 😊


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