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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Ginger Water Every Morning

Hey guys! Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! As you know everyone’s day is a Blog that’s going to be health-related and today’s topic is, the benefits of drinking lemon water, specifically in the morning.


Let’s stop and take a moment to think of what happens when we actually wake up in the morning. You’ve just been fasting for about 8 hours at least with no food or drink so your body and mind is pretty groggy, slow-moving and adjusting to waking up. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you put into your body is going to get your body and mind moving. Let that first thing be warm lemon water and if you like ginger, and you should because it’s amazingly good for you as well, at a couple of slices of Ginger to your lemon water. So let’s go over some of the benefits of this warm lemon ginger water.
1) To flush out toxins:
During sleep mode, your liver is working its hardest. The reason for this is because the body has finally wound down and just like a battery it’s recharging. To help your body perform this function more effectively, drinking lemon water aids in the stimulation of stomach acid and bile production and makes the job on your liver a little bit easier to flush out the toxins.
2) Aids in digestion:
Drinking warm lemon water is especially helpful in aiding digestion. I always like to compare our bodies to a pipe. Imagine if you pour coconut oil into a pipe and you run cold water down the drain. What’s going to happen? The coconut oil is going to solidify and stick to the sides of the pipe making it that much harder for water to flow through freely and allow the drain to do its job. Now, take that same coconut oil in the drain and run hot water down the sink drain and you’ll find that the coconut oil melts and disappears on sticking to the side walls of the pipe and allowing the water to flow freely through it. The same holds true with our digestive system. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning really gets the digestive system moving and at the same time rehydrates the body after your fast.
3) Boosts immunity:
Lemons are known to contain a good amount of vitamin C. The great thing about drinking this warm lemon water in the morning is since it’s the very first thing you’re in taking, your body will better be able to absorb the vitamins and minerals from the lemons giving you that added immunity boost which will help to prevent colds, and germs from wreaking havoc on your immunity.
4) Glowing skin:
Ever see a person that drinks warm lemon water every morning? They just have this natural glow about them and you can see it radiating through their skin. When we flush toxins out of our body it helps to make our skin clearer and healthier.
5) Metabolism boost:
Studies have shown that those who drink warm lemon water in the morning everyday tend to weigh less than those who do not. Of course, this is not to say that lemon water will make you lose a hundred pounds. But the theory is that the warm lemon water stimulates your metabolism making it faster and even boost your energy levels throughout the day. Some say it even crushes their cravings 4 bad foods throughout the day as well.
How about that ginger?
Ladies and gentlemen, Ginger is amazing for so many reasons but when you go ahead and mix a couple of slices with your warm lemon water, it becomes a powerhouse for stomach health. Ginger in addition to the lemon also is great for skin Health, boost your immune system, stimulates digestion and metabolism and additionally helps to purify blood and flush out toxins and unnecessary waste.
So how should you make your ginger lemon water? Well it’s pretty straightforward guys just make some water in your tea kettle get hot, but not boiling, add a couple of slices of lemon and a couple of slices of Ginger to the cup and pour over the warm water. Sip and enjoy! I promise you you are going to feel those benefits immediately after you drink that very first cup and you’re going to notice how your body changes with the simple morning routine.
We work our bodies super hard ladies and gentleman and we need to make sure that we take the necessary steps to really reboot ourselves and take care of ourselves the proper way. We’ve only got one body in this world and if we don’t take care of it now we’re looking for problems later.
And so, stay healthy, drink your lemon ginger water every morning and stay well my friends. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Ginger Water Every Morning

  1. Of all the many things we take time out everyday to do..this simple, daily act makes most sense of them all. Thank you for taking time to share this very informative, vital info with us.

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    1. You are most welcome mama and everyone! 😊 Too often we lose sight of the smallest things that can have the greatest effects on us. We must always make time for ourselves and do good for ourselves. Well feel amazing once we do and not to mention, we deserve it! 😊


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