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Product Review Day – Nautical Vintage Lamp

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I normally do my product reviews in videos just because It’s easier for me to describe the products and show you how they work, etc etc. So, without further ado, today’s product is The Brass Vintage Lamp. A very interesting piece that is lightweight, yet sturdy and adds a certain flair to your home office or any room really. If you love nautical, you’ll love this lamp! And if you love this lamp, you can check out the sellers store HERE. Check out my product review video below:


Hey everyone, Dina here and welcome to my blog! Here you'll find all sorts of helpful information on everything DIY! I'll share with you my experiences with projects, how to's, the best products to complete projects and so much more. You can even be on the lookout for some product reviews that I've tried. My goal is simple: to share my experiences with you to inspire you to create your own. Please feel free to send feedback or drop a comment and share your very own creations here as well. I love nothing more than to share inspiration and see that creative light shine on. Happy creating everyone! =)

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