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Make Over Your Switch Plates With Spray Paint!

Good afternoon and happy Monday everyone! 🙂 Today’s project coming at you is a very simple one indeed. Let’s talk light switch covers! Did you just move into a home and you got a whole bunch of things that you have to buy and maybe, light switch covers are not at the top of the priority list because there are so many other things to get but at the same time those awful beige light switch covers are just an eyesore every time you go to turn on the light?


Well, there’s an easy way out of this! Of course at first I went to a couple of different stores and I was looking for brand new light switch plate covers what the problem was the nice ones were a bit more expensive and considering I needed over 25 light switch covers it would have definitely been a cost that I couldn’t do at the moment.
Enter spray paint. Which is the only supple you’ll need and costs about $6 at Walmart or Home Depot.
I have found in so many projects that I’ve completed that’s spray paint has completely made over so many different things. This light switch plate projects included. See these beige light switch covers? These are the ones that were all over the house. All I did was remove the light switch covers, spray them, and put them back on. It’s a very, very simple process. However of course, you want to ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions before working with anything electrical.
Me personally, I just switched off the power to each light switch before I removed the covers. You don’t have to do this if you’re really careful but I did it as an extra precaution because I just like to be more safe than sorry. Plus I’m kind of clumsy LOL so I figured the more safety precautions the better!
Once I shut off the power, I just took a screwdriver or in my case my electric drill and removed the screws for the light switch cover and carefully remove them. You can also use this time to touch up the paint around the light switch cover so that you have a nice even finish.
I brought the light switch covers downstairs and spread them out nicely on a bin cover that I used to spray paint small projects. I spray painted them twice within an hour of dry time in between with a color called: black stainless steel. It was about $6 from the Home Depot and it has truly changed the face of the switch plates.
You can also go ahead and spray the actual Outlet itself of course, with the power turned off if you want to give your Outlets of complete look and color. I opted not too because the beige Outlets with the black stainless covers gave it a more factory, industrial appearance that I was going for so I just left that alone.
So there you have it friends another project that cost me $6 and completely change the look of my Outlets. I actually was just going to do this as a temporary solution but I ended up falling in love with it and I’m actually going to leave it just the way it is. You might want to do it temporarily or you might fall in love and keep it as well. The choice is yours of course but this is a really great way to upgrade your light switch covers without breaking the bank when you got other priorities to spend on.
You’ll see a great many projects that I’m going to complete over the course of the next year where spray paint has literally transformed so many different things. It really does wonders!
Have a great day everyone and happy spray painting! 🙂


Hey everyone, Dina here and welcome to my blog! Here you'll find all sorts of helpful information on everything DIY! I'll share with you my experiences with projects, how to's, the best products to complete projects and so much more. You can even be on the lookout for some product reviews that I've tried. My goal is simple: to share my experiences with you to inspire you to create your own. Please feel free to send feedback or drop a comment and share your very own creations here as well. I love nothing more than to share inspiration and see that creative light shine on. Happy creating everyone! =)

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