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Making Time For Yourself… Do it!

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! I know, I’m a day late with putting up my Wellness Wednesday post and I apologize, just been a bit busy and caught up with some things but I wanted to make sure that I get a wellness post in for this week because today’s topic might be one of the most important bits of information I could share. That being, taking time out for yourself.


Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well as simple as it does sound, all too often so many lack the time for self-care. When I say they lack the time, it’s not that they lack the time, they’re just not making the time. You might be saying to yourself, there’s no way! I just don’t have the time or any way to make the time! Are you reading this blog right now? Do you scroll through your Facebook feed And get sucked into the status updates abyss? Do you dedicate a minimum of 40 hours a week to a job that would replace you in two seconds if something were to happen to you? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then you can make the time for yourself.
By making time for yourself, you’re being more kind to your own body and mind. Making that time for yourself could mean anything. Maybe it’s a class at the gym that you wanted to take, maybe it’s a craft you wanted to work on, maybe it’s a show you just wanted to sit down and watch by yourself while drinking a nice warm cup of tea. Whatever it is that you would like to do, it’s so important that you make that time to do that for yourself.
People work so hard at a job where you are essentially, just a number and easily replaceable. Now that’s not to say just quit your job and spend all your time at home of course. We all need to make money, by all means, do your job but don’t forget to make time for you when you come home or even before work if you’re a morning person. Even if it’s just a 30-minute meditation session. Anything is good when you’re dedicating it to yourself and to your well-being.
Me personally, my me-time is spent at the gym. I love working out, I enjoy it and I feel amazing afterwards in so many ways. I used to work out very often before but when I got my home, unfortunately, I put my physical health on the back burner for a while and focused just on the house. Now, I love my home and while I’d love to make it look exactly the way I want it in as little time as possible, I know that all along I should have still been making even that small amount of time per day to spend at the gym to make my body feel better. But hey, nothing is ever too late. no matter how far gone you may think you are right now is the first moment of the rest of your life so…start! And start NOW.
Spend your time in the here and now and enjoy life as it comes at you. Let go of toxic people and toxic situations. Focus on the little things. The important things. Take time to stop and smell the flowers because you want to. Just enjoy life because we are only here on borrowed time and if we don’t take care of ourselves including our mind and body we’re setting ourselves up for unhealthy habits that could lead to problems down the road. Make that time for yourself. No matter what. You’re worth it my friends. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Hey everyone, Dina here and welcome to my blog! Here you'll find all sorts of helpful information on everything DIY! I'll share with you my experiences with projects, how to's, the best products to complete projects and so much more. You can even be on the lookout for some product reviews that I've tried. My goal is simple: to share my experiences with you to inspire you to create your own. Please feel free to send feedback or drop a comment and share your very own creations here as well. I love nothing more than to share inspiration and see that creative light shine on. Happy creating everyone! =)

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