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Rustic / Nautical Sofa Table


Hey guys happy Monday and welcome to another episode of DIY Mondays! Today, I’d like to share with you my latest project, my rustic / nautical sofa table. As it turns out, I was actually looking for the perfect to put behind my couch just to add a little something extra to the living room put a couple of frames up there and maybe even some lights. Still working on the decor that’s going to be a part of it though but for now, a few frames will do. At first I went around the stores looking for the perfect table and of course, I came across a bunch of different options that I did love but they were anywhere between $200 to $400. I thought they were beautiful of course, but when you really look at a table and think about it, what is it? All that any table is just a bunch of pieces of wood put together adorned with some ornamentation of some kind to add extra Flair. So, I figured, why not give this a shot and see what I can do with the supplies that I already had on hand? And the results were remarkable and I absolutely love what I came up with.

Plywood (two long pieces or 3 depending on how many shelves you want and how big you like your table to be. In my case, each piece of wood is 36 in Long by 12 in wide + 3 long pieces for legs, in my case each piece measures 5 in wide by 40 in Long) naturally, your sizes might vary greatly depending on the size you wish to make which is totally optional.
Paint or stain ($3.99 for a sample paint at Home Depot or $5.99 for a small container of stain being your color of choice)
Screws (depending on the depth of your plywood, you want to make sure you get screws long enough that’s going to go in for extra support)
Burlap ($3.99 a yard from Joann’s)
Jute Cord (47 cents a foot from Home Depot)
Small boat cleats ($1.98 from HomeDepot)
Small hooks ($2.99 for a 25-pack at Walmart)
Staple gun
Hot glue gun
Granted, I have a lot of scrap wood laying around the house from different projects and just plywood that have been collected over the years for storage reasons but, if you have no wood at all on hand, you can still go to the Home Depot and purchase a giant piece of plywood for just $20 and the good folks there will cut it for you to whatever size you need. I also had a lot of leftover burlap from wedding planning but I did purchase the jute cord and the small boat cleats. So overall for me, having a lot of the supplies on hand this project costed me just $15.
So, you’re very first step is going to be to cut the wood to the size that you need. This is totally optional and depending on your preference. Once your wood is cut and you have the shelves and legs, you’ll be ready to paint. You’ll notice that my sofa table tends to have a distressed look. That’s because I first painted the plywood with my Home Depot paint sample. The color is called gentle rain.
Once I let that dry I went ahead and added some of that stain that I had left over from my staircase makeover. Remember that? The color is called ebony. What I did was just use a small sponge brush and gently go over the paint as it was still a little bit damp and just kind of blend it and brush it in to give it that distressed, rustic look.


Once the pieces of wood were painted it was now time to start putting the table together so I started by attaching the legs. From the bottom of your sofa table you want to screw in the first leg. I used two screws in each leg just to be safe and give it some added support. Repeat this process for the next two legs. Also know, that you can put four legs instead of three or just two one on each side, depending on your preference and how you want your table to look. For me I just use three and put one leg on each side and one in the back Center as a brace. ((Don’t mind the jute cord triangle there. Was just trying out different variatons))
Now that your table is painted and your legs are together you now have the frame of your sofa table set up and ready to go. If you want to leave it like this, by all means you definitely can but you might want to go ahead and add some extra embellishments to make it your own. In my case, I bought the boat cleats from the Home Depot which came in a silver color but I wanted them to be black, so I went ahead and use that spray paint that I had leftover from the light switch plates. Remember that? For those of you that haven’t seen that yet this spray paint is called black stainless steel and it really gives a nice effect if you’re looking for that industrial feel. Go ahead and screw in the boat cleats to the bottom shelf of the sofa table as shown. You could put more cleats or you could put less cleats depending on how you want it’s a look. This is a very general project so feel free to improv anyway you’d like.
Now that you’ve got the cleats set at the bottom, you’ll need to put some hooks on the top. I wanted to have my jute cord have that criss-cross look, so to achieve that I needed to make sure that my hooks on the top shelf or directly in between each of the cleats down below. Keep on adding hooks until you have enough to go down the row.
Once you got your boat cleats and hooks set up, you’re now ready to go ahead and add your jute cord. This is also very optional. You can do it criss cross, you can just do knots from top to bottom, however you’d like to do it it’s completely up to you. For me, I really wanted that criss-cross look so I started at the bottom and made sure that the jute cord was tightly wound around the first boat cleat and then twisted the jute cord around the cleat and up to the hook and back down and around the next cleat and up to the hook. Continue this process all the way down to the end and make sure that you have a nice tight fit at your first and last boat cleat to ensure that the jute cord doesn’t come unwound.
Now your table is starting to look super cool! The next step is to take your burlap an added as a siding and backing for your table. Again, this is optional you can leave it just as is but I’m obsessed with burlap so I have to add it to almost anything I do LOL. I started on the left side and stapled the top row first and then turned the table on its side and tightly pulled the burlap around the bottom shelf. Burlap has a tendency to expand, so you want to make sure you pull it as tight as possible but be sure not to break the burlap. Continue the same process on the back of the table starting with the top shelf and securing the burlap and then the bottom and then the same on the next side. Next, trim the burlap wall around to make sure you have nice clean edges.
If you have some leftover jute cord you can even hot glue jute cord all around the top and bottom shelves if you like to give it a nice clean and finished look. Did I mention the more burlap and jute cord, the better? LOL oh, and just when you thought that was all the burlap, I went ahead and staple down a small runner at the very top middle of the table. Again this is optional and completely up to you.
Once you finish with your table, you can sit back and Marvel at it and be so happy to know that there are most likely supplies around the home that you can use to create this table, and even if you don’t have those supplies it wouldn’t cost you no more then $35 to make this table. I don’t know about you guys, but I could never find any piece of furniture for $35. I’m so happy with the way it came out and so happy to share it with you guys.
Happy crafting my friends and have a beautiful week!



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