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DIY Natural Deodorant – Aluminum Free!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone! I hope the week has been good to you so far and that the rest is even better. So today’s Wellness tip is also a DIY but because it’s a wellness DIY, these and my other health-related DIY tips will post every Wednesday for my Wellness Wednesday blog.

Today’s DIY Wellness Plan is, swapping out your carcinogenic deodorant for a safer, natural or alternative. It’s easy, it’s cheap and best of all it’s safe.
Most deodorants today contain aluminum which is said to be carcinogenic and toxic to the body. The aluminum enters your body through your sweat glands in your armpits and let’s just put it this way, it’s not supposed to be there!
Enter the happy alternative! Natural deodorant that is easy to make and even a bit fun to make too!
3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil
3 tablespoons of baking soda
2 tablespoons of arrowroot powder
Essential oils (optional)
Small glass container for storage
This is a super easy recipe that you can do in a matter of 5 minutes.
First, you’ll want to mash your coconut oil as much as possible with a fork and add in your baking soda and arrowroot powder and mix real well. I like to use my KitchenAid mixing on low for about 10 minutes just to make sure that it gets all mixed in there really good. If you’re adding essential oils, 10 drops should do it depending on how strong you’d like your scent to be.
Remove from your Kitchen Aid mixer and add to your storage container.
All that’s left to do is apply it to your armpits.
This stuff really works guys and gals! I’m in the gym a couple of hours a day and this helps me with sweat absorption and as an odor preventative and it’s completely toxin-free.
The only thing that I will say, is that when you first start using a natural deodorant you probably are going to smell a bit ripe for a few days. This is just because your body needs to flush out the aluminum and the chemicals from the previous deodorant you’ve been using. But stick it out as best as you can because once your body is flushed of those, and the new natural deodorant is being used, it’s going to work like a charm


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