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DIY Shower & Faucet Makeover

Good morning everybody and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It’s that time again! DIY Mondays and today’s DIY project is: shower enclosure and faucet makeovers! I came up on this project because I wanted a way to update my shower and faucets without having to go out and purchase brand new shower frames and faucets. They can carry a hefty price tag, and let’s face it, there was really nothing at all wrong with the shower frames or the faucets except for the fact that they were silver and I really wanted them to be bronzed.
Enter again, your superhero, spray paint! The color? Oil Rubbed Bronze. For one shower frame, both inside and out and 2 sink faucets and 1 spa tub faucet set, I had used 3 total cans of spray paint. Project cost? $100.00. (This includes river rocks for the bottom of the shower pan, but more on that next week!)
Now I know what you’re thinking, oh no! Spray paint in a wet area?! The answer is, yes! You can spray paint your shower enclosure and you can spray paint your faucets. The trick is to get a spray paint that is the outdoor spray paint. If spray paint can work Outdoors exposed to the elements, you better believe that it would definitely work on your showers and faucets.
But first things first, you want to make sure that you properly prep your area to avoid extra clean up. I’m pretty bad on this I must admit. I’m always thinking to myself, well the faster I get started on the project the better! But that’s really the wrong way to think about it and this time I actually feel like I did it the right way by prepping first. Guys and girls, you’re going to have to either prep your area now or clean it up later. I find it’s better to prep your area first because cleanup can sometimes be a real pain. Even worse, sometimes clean up isn’t actually cleaned up and then you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.
To prep your area, be sure to tape off your shower doors and faucets all around on the glass to make sure no spray paint gets on the glass and lay down a drop cloth on your floor. If you’re also spray painting your faucets, you’ll want to tape up the whole Space around the faucets and even put some drop cloth on the sinks to avoid any over spray. I like to compare spray paint to broken glass. Once it breaks it gets all over. Same thing with spray paint. Once you spray it’s in the air and it’s everywhere.
Now that your workspace is all prepped, be sure to put on a mask and make sure that your area is very well ventilated. I promise you, spray paint gives you a headache like no other!
Now that you’ve done the boring stuff, it’s finally time to paint! Go ahead and grab your spray paint and start spraying your shower enclosure and or your faucets. The very first coat is going to have you questioning yourself and asking yourself why you decided to do this in the first place because it looks terrible! But fear not! Let it dry for about an hour and come back and do a second coat. After that second coat you’ll be convinced you made the right choice!
After the second coat of spray paint is on, let it sit and dry for a full 24 hours. Hopefully, you have another shower to use in the meantime but just in case, be sure to take a shower first before this project or be sure that you don’t mind feeling a bit funky for the next 24 hours LOL.
As you can see, I’ve got my very own model who loves to ham it up for the camera!
After about 24 hours of drive time, you can now remove the tape and marvel at your masterpiece. After pricing shower doors in new faucets at my local hardware store, it would have cost me nearly $1,000 for two faucets and a basic shower enclosure. By doing this project my way with spray paint, it ended up costing me a total of $100. That included for cans of spray paints, River Rocks for the bottom of my shower pan (that’s next week’s blog), painters tape, drop cloth and a safety mask. Definitely worth it!


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