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Creating shelves from old drawers

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!:-) it’s time for another DIY Monday project and today’s project is, you guessed it another re-purposing idea!
Old Drawers
Staple Gun
Sand Paper
Burlap (optional)
So when first moving into this house there were a lot of things that I wanted to change and make my own but I knew it would take a whole lot of time and that it did and I don’t think it’ll ever be done to be quite honest. One of the things that I really wanted to change was the half bath sink. It was an older outdated Oak cabinet with drawers and a rusty old sink. Now I love all things Rusty, dated and dilapidated but this just wasn’t my style. So, I purchased a new sink and cabinet and kept the wood and the drawers in the basement for scrap in case I need it.
Fast forward to nearly a year later, and I realized that I still had those drawers in the basement. And for the longest I was trying to figure out what to do with my stairs wall. I wanted to do a photo wall but didn’t really have the photos printed to put so I figured let me start with some other objects and then just make the photos come around it.
I ran down to the basement to grab those two drawers. They were drab, old and a bit moldy. But nothing a little burlap and paint can fix!
First, I just sanded down the drawers a little bit. Next I painted them. You can paint them whatever color you like. I chose a color called Earl Grey from Home Depot and the only reason I chose that color is because it was a clear and Sample and I love to buy those clear and samples for small projects. This one sure paid off!
Once I finished painting the drawers, it was now time to add some burlap and you could feel free to add burlap or not add burlap. This is your world and I’m just living in it. But for me, I’m the burlap Queen so of course, I had to add burlap. I used to staple gun to fasten the edges all around and form a nice tight fit. For me, that’s all they really was to it.
Now the big question was where to put it? Since I’ve been looking to add some character and depth to the stair wall, I figured what better place to put it and so I did. Here you can see both drawers one turned upward and one turned downward and you can add any little knick-knacks that you like. Of course I chose some vintage items that I had laying around the house and I even added to Colonial candles on top of each staircase to really give it a cozy glow at night.
Now I’m just adding things here and there to the wall to really make it come alive and add some pops of color. You can create any type of look that you like. I added an “I love you from here to Hershey” sign because, you all know, Hershey Park is my favorite place in the whole world! LOL and a little candle holder and a old fashioned skeleton key and keyhole. This particular look fits my style completely and I can’t wait to add some photos to it and put some updates on this blog.
These drawers are great to store knick knacks or showcase something special that you like to highlight and you can position them anyway you like depending on your style and wants.
This project cost me a total of $0.50 because the only thing I had to purchase was the sample paint from Home Depot. The drawers had already come from the cabinet so I already had those.
Happy crafting my friends and have a beautiful week ahead!


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